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The question from the employer
Q: How about the price of the CADE Double Head CNC machine?
A: Its price around 60% of two traditional single spindle CNC machine totally.
Q: How about its efficency?
A: Its efficency is very high, around two times efficient than the traditional CNC machine for it milling the left piece and the right piece of the shoe mould symmetrical and synchronized。
Q: How about the area it occupied?
A: The area of the machine occupied equals only 60% of the area which two traditional CNC machine occupied. You can save 40% area than using the traditional CNC.
Q: Is it easy or not to operate the CADE Machine?
A: It is very easy。The stuff can learned the operation of the CADE CNC in 2 hours。Even, the skilled operator can monitoring more than two CADE Machines so the 1/2 salary will be saved beacause of less stuff used。
Q: How about its stability?
A: The basic part of the machine are supplied by well-known suppliers and our ISO9001 quality system provide the CADE machine very good stability。For the overseas clients, we had a professional technician team and a smooth logistic system to provide good services。
Q: How long the life-span of a CADE Machine will be?
A: The life-span of the ballscrew and the linear guideways is more than 7 years, the life-span of other parts are longer more。Except that the high-speed bearing in spindle, its life-span is 6000 hours。Uasually the spindle bearing should be changed after 6000 hours running.
The questions from the operators
Q: Is it easy or not to learn the CADE Machine?
A: It is soon learnt. You can learn it in 2 hours.
Q: Is it convenient or not to operate the CADE Machine?
A: The CADE Machine equipted with a special designed fixtuer for the shoes mould milling. You can rotate the fixture conveniently to correct position when you milling the four side surface of shoes mould to raise the efficency and accuracy, and , at the samt time , to reduce the tolerence and save time.
Q: How about the Control System of the CADE Machine?
A: The CADE Control System are PC-based on WindwosXPe,with 100M Board Band Network support,you can modify and sending your G_Code programme directly through CADE Control System and need not any other PC。
Q: How about the dust pollution when milling the wooden mould?
A: The CADE Machine is a "Green CNC Machine", it equipted with a special designed dust cleaning system, that will remove the dust when milling the wooden mould so avoid the damage to the human, envoroment and the electric parts of the machine.
The questions from the CAM programmer
Q: Is it needed or not to programme for both the left and right piece of one pair of shoes mould?
A: You need NOT,You need only programme any piece of one pair of shoes mould, left or right as you want, the CADE Machine will mirror the symmetric piece automatically for you 。
Q: The Logos on the shoes mould usually are not symetric, they are same direction, how to deal with that?
A: You need programme the logos one by one ,otherwise, using the function of "Soft Mirror" in the CADE Machine。
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