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Development History  


This model gathered the advise from customers totally in 6 years,mixed all the features from those product in market.

Gathered the experience and wisdom of our team in 6 years totally in Double Spindle CNC machie manufactureing.

Being stable more、smaller more、rapidly more、convinently more...

This model beggan producing at October 2006.


This model mixed the features of both CADE-D001 and CADE-D002, a lot of advises from customers are accepted。

Many big brand clients like YY-II and YUSHENG of Pou Chen Group are enjoying the efficiency and the convinent of Double Spindle CNC Machine for shoes mould making.

Now producing stoped.


The updated version to CADE-D001 which remove the blemishs of

not convinent when operate the machine in CADE-D001。

This model beggan to producing at July 2002.

Many customers in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang are enjoyed its services.Now producing stoped.


The first Double Spindle CNC, passed the test of clients at March, 2001.

That represent the dream of "machining the shoes mould paired " came true。

That represent the birth of Double Spindle CNC Machine。Now producing stoped.

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