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Classical Recommendation
  • Advantages of Double head 850 (M3-8050):
  • 1. Under the same conditions, the M3-8050 holds more excellent cost performance compared with import controller like Mitsubishi or Fanuc. Our machine is cheaper for at least 40,000 yuan.
  • 2. Incomparable compatibility: The control system is the traditional and classical double head control system. Operator can handle the machine immediately after purchasing without any special training, which is very convenient especially for the shoe mould making industry.
  • 3. As a lot of functions is intended designed for the metal shoe mould machining, the whole machining process is simplified and more efficient. When processing the complex curved surface, the advantages of those functions are even more obvious and incomparable.
  • 4. Very low operation and maintenance cost.

Video for Curved surface finish processing by R6 Spherical tooling

Video for the roughing by Dia 20 flat tooling

Rough milling Blanks

Final Product

Work table Area 950×460mm
Maximum load capacity 600
T-line slot 3×18mm
Machining Area 800×500×550mm
Motion speed 12/12/10m/min
Feed Rate 1-8m/min
Feed driven power 11NM
Principal Axis Power 7.5kw
Principle axis taper hole BT40
Principal Axis speed 30-8000rpm
Automatic tooling exchange system (可选斗笠式16把刀)
Location Accuracy ±0.015mm
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.005mm


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